Writers, do not do this

The books section of the New York Times on June 10, 1911 warned of “a two-million-word work.”

111 years later, an early version of the work is findable in libraries, but the fifth edition in its two-million-word glory may be harder to find.

If you don’t want this kind of release-day publicity, don’t write a two-million-word work.

NYT headline: A Two-Million-Word Work. NYT article body: A fifth revised and greatly enlarged edition of 'Dillon on Municipal Corporations' is announced for immediate publication by Little, Brown & Co. of Boston. It was over forty-five years ago that the author, then a Judge of the Supreme Court of Iowa, commenced the preparation of this authoritative treatise, and the work appeared in one volume in 1872. Because of the growth of the law on the subject, the new fifth edition will appear in five volumes, containing 2,034,878 words. Judge Dillon, after serving as Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court, Judge of the United States Circuit Court, President of the American Bar Association, and Professor in the Columbia University Law School, is now a railroad attorney in New York City. He is seventy-nine years of age. In speaking of his greatest legal treatise he says: 'Over forty-five years have elapsed since the preparation of the Municipal Corporations began, and more than thirty-eight years since its first publication. It is therefore not only a child, but the companion of the greater part of a prolonged professional career. Any justifiable satisfaction I might feel in its success is somewhat subdued, if not saddened, by the sombre, although not melancholy reflection that in this edition I am taking final leave of a work which is intimately incorporate with the studies, lucubrations, and labors of so many years.'

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