Never Hit By Lightning

Never Hit By Lightning (2009) is a dark literary collection, alternately haunting and comic, by new and established writers.

Accompanied by poems on war, illness, and grief, Never Hit By Lightning includes stories about:

– a teen’s first encounter with extreme weather
– a bartender conjuring up drinks Dad would have liked
– a reformatory boy’s gift to his dying father
– a kid brother on chemotherapy
– a mad inventor with a tall tale
– a ghost following a mental patient

The 76-page anthology is edited by Tucker Lieberman and Andrew Tivey and features cover art by Jodie Snow. The contributing authors are Kirsty Olliffe, Loree Westron, Piotr Wesolowski, Abigail W. Stevens, Mark Robinson, Daniela I. Norris, Gillian Pencavel, Russell D. Thomas, and Sue Harper.

Order the book through Lulu. Paperback is $9.75 and eBook is $4.75 (USD). Lulu ships internationally.

Never Hit By Lightning gets a five-star review from blogger Jennifer Walker! (Oct. 2009)