Internet fight #7384960224

In which someone on a homophobic moral crusade against fanfiction (chime into the fray on Goodreads, why dontcha?!) picks an argument with a gay man who doesn’t care all that much about fanfiction.

‘And I Will Never Change How I Feel’

You have feelings. You may not want or need to change them. But you can process them.

What does it mean to process your feelings? Here are eight GIFs showing how it goes down.

You have nuts.

A huge sack of shelled peanuts is dumped upside-down into a factory machine.

They are bouncing everywhere.

Hundreds of rainbow bouncy balls fall down a staircase.

You pick them up…

A chipmunk shoves peanuts with the shells still on into its own face, one in each cheek.

You put them in the food processor…

Peanuts are dropped into a large-scale food processor that begins to squirt out peanut butter.

Now you’ve made something different out of your nuts. Your feelings are the same but also they feel different.

A person pours a jar of liquid peanut butter onto a baking sheet.

Everyone has their own feelings. That’s what makes each person unique. We don’t have to completely change ourselves, but we can process what we’ve got.

Cartoons of five M&M candies, of different colors, standing and waving. Source:

Eat what you like. People are not gonna agree. Let them have their own nuts. It’s their job to process their feelings. You process yours.

Lady Olenna Tyrell from Game of Thrones giving side-eye.

If someone else understands it, great.

A giant floating Oscar Mayer sandwich beams up a smaller sandwich from the woods.

That’s all I wanted to say today. Thanks for coming!

The world gets closer to knowing ‘Climates Unknown’

Book cover: To Climates Unknown by Arturo Serrano

In this forthcoming novel, Arturo Serrano delivers “a stunning portrayal of how things that seem infinitesimal can shake the entire world,” Dawn Vogel writes for History That Never Was.

From the book description:

“In this alternate history, the Mayflower was lost at sea, and the English Separatists were disheartened from further colonization of North America. The United States were never born. The centuries that follow will see the emergence of rival empires that will split up the world between them. One will become the terror of the seas. One will rampage with carriages of steam. One will take to the skies. And the people caught in the middle will fight against the colonial system to bring an end to all empires.”

To Climates Unknown is available for preorder. It will be released one week from today, on November 25, 2021, the 400th anniversary of the first mythical U.S. Thanksgiving.