Bad Fire

Bad Fire: A Memoir of Disruption
by Tucker Lieberman

Originally published December 2018
Updated January 2021
Paperback: 978-1732906037
ebook: 978-1732906020

The 2021 version of Bad Fire is over four times the length of the original version, so it’s like a different book. The ebook is on Kobo and the paperback is on Bookshop or an independent bookstore of your choice (tell the bookseller you’d like paperback ISBN 978-1732906037 which is distributed through IngramSpark).

Book description:

This book will make you trans.
It is an atheist Torah interpretation with a new spin on the deaths of Nadav and Avihu.
It is a memoir of suicidal hallucination and psychiatric medications.
It is a poem. About butterflies.
Everyone who reads it becomes trans.

* Yes, it is also on Amazon as ebook and as an expensive paperback. I recommend you get the much better deal on the paperback through indie sellers, as that is a win-win for your wallet and for small businesses.

Cover image of Bad Fire by Tucker Lieberman


I haven’t narrated the long, 2021 version yet.

You can still listen to my original narration of the short, 2018 version. This early version is no longer available for sale as ebook/paperback; now it’s only available as this MP3.

Please note: This early version is not the version that makes you trans.

But it’s free! Here’s the MP3 to download.

Bad Fire by Tucker Lieberman (2018 version). Read by the author. (1 hour, 1 minute; MP3, 90 MB) Intro/outro music by Tyops (Creative Commons attribution license).