Glad to meet you.

Tucker Lieberman wearing sunglasses in May 2018 against a wall that says: "La gratitude convierte lo que ya tienes en suficiente"

I love exchanging energy with other writers. I’m available to help individuals with their creative projects! Editing | Contact

Since moving to Bogotá, Colombia in 2017, I’ve pursued my creative interests as a writer in English.
I’ve published four books:
a work of literary criticism, Painting Dragons (2018);
a memoir, Bad Fire (2019, revised 2021);
a 20th-century biography, Ten Past Noon (2020);
a collection of poetry in English and Spanish, Enkidu Is Dead and Not Dead / Enkidu está muerto y no lo está (2021).
I’ve also written a novel that is seeking a publisher.

If you didn’t come here for my books, but rather to know what gendered pronoun to use when you refer to me, “he/him” is correct, thanks!

I storytell and catalogue.
I studied philosophy and journalism.
I worked in technology and finance (find me on LinkedIn).
I trained as a life coach.

Taking advantage of this period for self-development has generated great opportunities. I read my short story by invitation at Inkberry Books in Colorado in 2018; advocated for human rights in Massachusetts before the 2018 midterm elections; traveled to Reykjavík, Iceland to represent Colombia at the 2019 Humanists International conference; and spent a month journeying through India by train in 2019.

Where to find me

I’ve lived in the US, where I was born, and Colombia, where I moved as an adult. Within the Americas, I’ve also traveled to Canada, Mexico, and Paraguay. I have been to Europe (Italy, Greece, England, and Iceland), the Middle East (Israel), Asia (India) and Africa (South Africa). I ran my first 5k in November 2015, and three months later I ran my first half-marathon. In 2021, as my feet are recovering from overuse, you may find me on the couch. Drop me a message.