Glad to meet you.

Tucker Lieberman in front of a painted mural of a lion with a Colombian flag

I love exchanging energy with other writers. I’m available to help individuals with their creative projects! Editing | Contact

Since moving to Bogotá, Colombia in 2017, I’ve published five books:
— a work of literary criticism, Painting Dragons (2018)
— a memoir, Bad Fire (2019, revised 2021)
— a 20th-century biography, Ten Past Noon (2020)
— a collection of poetry in English and Spanish, Enkidu Is Dead and Not Dead / Enkidu está muerto y no lo está (2021)
— a novel, Most Famous Short Film of All Time (2022)

If you came to learn what gendered pronoun to use when you refer to me, “he” is correct, thanks! In Spanish, it’s “él”. You can hear me pronounce my name at the end of this short video (skip to 1:55), or you can hear a robot say it (under “Name pronunciation,” press the Play button).

I storytell and catalogue.
I studied philosophy and journalism.
I worked in technology and finance (find me on LinkedIn).
I trained as a life coach.

I read my short story by invitation at Inkberry Books in Colorado in 2018; advocated for human rights in Massachusetts before the 2018 midterm elections; traveled to Reykjavík, Iceland to represent Colombia at the 2019 Humanists International conference; and spent a month journeying through India by train in 2019. I came to AWP in Philadelphia in March 2022 (check out my book haul!) and a month later visited Brown University for the 20th annual Casey Shearer Memorial Award event. I came to AWP in Seattle in March 2023.

My husband, Arturo Serrano, is the author of the alternate history novel To Climates Unknown (2021), reviewed in the magazine Strange Horizons.

Where to find me

I’ve lived in the US, where I was born, and Colombia, where I moved as an adult. Within the Americas, I’ve also traveled to Canada, Mexico, and Paraguay. I have been to Europe (Italy, Greece, England, and Iceland), the Middle East (Israel), Asia (India) and Africa (South Africa). I ran my first 5k in November 2015, and three months later I ran my first half-marathon. (Not to show off. For other reasons.) In 2023, my feet are in recovery. Drop me a message.