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I’m open about my beliefs: the enduring kind, as well as those that are more lightly held and are subject to intellectual musings.

Hundreds of my articles are publicly accessible online across several blog platforms. They’re usually free to read, although Medium’s paywall may kick in after you’ve read a few. (If you like my work, please consider a paid subscription to Medium).

Take a quick look below to get a sense of what interests me, what’s important to me, and what my boundaries are.

Communication is important, so I’ve written about speech, conversation, and the quest for knowledge. (143 articles)

Dialogue and Civility36

We might have different belief systems or different life experiences, for example, and that might be OK. We might learn from each other’s perspectives, and it could be interesting. (74 articles)


However, this doesn’t mean anything goes. Racism, transphobia, authoritarianism and far-right politics are not OK with me. I have spent quite a lot of time learning about them. I’m not available to (a) respond to demands for facts made by people who do not care what makes a source reliable or who believe that no information is reliable (b) give of myself by speaking from my standpoint to people who believe that my standpoint invalidates anything I might say, or (c) explain why an example of hate is in fact an example of hate. Rarely do I have time to go in circles in an adversarial dialogue with people who are not genuinely curious and are only wasting my time in an attempt to (as the slang goes) “own” me. If you want to know something the way I know it, please refer to the articles I’ve already written. If I feel that a conclusion is obvious, there is a good chance I’ve explained it before. It is important to me to justify my beliefs. I do this through writing thorough, clear articles. (384 articles)

Identity and Racism51
2016 U.S. election25
2020 U.S. election30
Fascism and Democracy53

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Russia and North Korea11
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All told, I’ve made available over 600 articles (as of early 2023), grouped by theme. They’re about democracy, dignity, knowledge, truth, goodness. They tend to be of substantial length and to cite sources. Some of them have been rewritten over the years to improve them. You may read, share, and use the commenting features on each article.