An inventory of unfriendly ideas, with my analysis and responses (when I feel it’s appropriate)

  1. US trans people: Now (2022) is a good time to update your federal ID (DD)
  2. When the Nazis criminalized gay men (Medium)
  3. Eternal love, deepest affection: A young gay man spent six years in Nazi camps (DMB)
  4. Rick Perry wants to outlaw gay sex (DD)
  5. Scott Lively’s candidacy for governor of Massachusetts: On LGBT issues (DD)
  6. Roy Moore’s movement to promote the Ten Commandments in American civic life (DMB)
  7. 2017 U.S. Senate race in Alabama: Roy Moore’s candidacy and Doug Jones’ win (DD)
  8. So-called ‘religious freedom’ order would allow discrimination based on sexuality and gender (DD)
  9. ‘This is Pride Month’: So simple, even a burrito can do it (DD)
  10. Not Oysters, But Freedom“: After Lewis Carroll’s “The Walrus and the Carpenter” (Medium)
  11. Hurt me 15 degrees less: On cruelty, fear, justice, order, and challenging the conservative white evangelical worldview (DD)
  12. Two major federal actions against transgender rights in the US – Nov. 23, 2018 (DD)
  13. Logical errors in ‘Gender Identity and the Invisible Pasta God’ (DD)
  14. One of the knowledge-dominance memes used against trans people (in Spanish) (DD)
  15. Baldness isn’t just physical — It’s also performative (Medium)
  16. Why fascists target gender transition (Medium)
  17. Of course you can feel like a girl: Reflections on a recent anti-transgender essay (DD)
  18. ‘Queer theory’ is a dirty word? To whom? (To internet and publishing) (DD)
  19. Jordan Peterson on gender quotas in politics (re: National Post article, Dec. 11, 2018) (DMB)
  20. Gay political values examined in ‘Homocons’ by Richard Goldstein (DMB)
  21. Human Rights Don’t ‘Trickle-Down’ (Medium)
  22. How Trump scored himself 36 points on LGBTQ rights — and why that’s a failing grade (Medium)
  23. The Muckrake podcast explains the implications of ‘Don’t Say Gay’ (DD)
  24. Transphobia Since 1981 (Medium)
  25. How the Far-Right Comes for Trans People (Medium)
  26. Why is the Far-Right Ever More Intensely Anti-Trans? (Medium)
  27. Anti-Trans Bills Encourage Far-Right Violence (Medium)
  28. Anti-transgender lie spreads after school shooting (DD)
  29. When there is a mass shooting, transphobes start rumors that the shooter is trans (DD)
  30. Why the US worried more about trans people’s marriages than their driver’s licenses (DD)
  31. Anti-trans initiatives in the United States (2022) (DD)
  32. Their goal is not to protect trans kids (Idaho, 2022) (DD)
  33. The anti-trans message is that the state owns your body (DD)
  34. The ‘Rainbow Scare’ is a cruel falsepanic, and it is upon us (DD)
  35. The Republicans were given to understand there would be no diversity (DD)

From certain individuals

  1. David French: Anti-transgender screed (National Review, Aug 2016) (DD)
  2. Suzanne Moore: Anti-transgender screed (The Guardian, March 2020) (DD)
  3. David Blankenhorn and Jonathan Rauch: Same-sex marriage ‘compromise’ (New York Times, Feb 2009) (DD)
  4. Jonathan Rauch and David Brooks: Anti-transgender screed (American Purpose, April 2022 / New York Times, May 2022) (Medium)
  5. Richard Dawkins: Why did he tweet about Rachel Dolezal? (Medium)
  6. Richard Dawkins: How did he undermine Transgender People? (Medium)
  7. Robyn Blumner defending Richard Dawkins: People who believe they have identities (Free inquiry, June/July 2022) (Medium)
  8. Andrew Sullivan: 121 Things I Want Cis Men to Stop Doing (Medium)
  9. Andrew Sullivan: Transphobia of the Day alert: You may crossdress as long as you admit you’re a ‘clown’ (DD)
  10. Abigail Shrier: Irreversible Damage (Medium)
  11. Helen Joyce: Trans: Or, What We Can Learn About Helen Joyce in Two Sentences (Medium)
  12. J. K. Rowling, endorsed by Helen Joyce: The Misrepresentation of Compassion and Solidarity (on Rowling’s 2020 essay and what Helen Joyce said about it in Trans in 2021) (Medium)
  13. J. K. Rowling, creator of monsters (DD)
  14. Oliver Burkeman: Partway through a book, time feels different (Medium)
  15. Michael Shermer: Transphobia is a Form of Denialism (Medium)
  16. Pamela Paul: One Kind of Transphobia: Imagining Cis-Phobia (Medium)
  17. Pamela Paul: Also mentioned here (DD)
  18. Tucker Carlson: What does he say about LGBT people? (Medium)
  19. I won’t tell you who: 30 Terrible Ways to Express ‘Skepticism’ of Transgender People (Medium)
  20. I won’t tell you who: Oh, It’s About Sports, Is It? Actually it’s anti-transgender (Medium)