Dialogue and Civility

  1. The forces behind political polarization (DD)
  2. Political parties are supposed to present positions and uphold principles. Ideally. (DD)
  3. How does one gain political converts? (DD)
  4. On public shaming of, and service denial to, political officials (DD)
  5. Is it ‘too soon’ to discuss gun control in the US? (DD)
  6. When the US had a federal ban on assault weapons (19942004) (DD)
  7. Still waiting for a better answer on ‘How to Be Right’ (DD)
  8. When You Claim That Experts Don’t Know Their Stuff (on Jordan Peterson) (Medium)
  9. Use bipartisan energy to rein in power (DD)
  10. When conflicting perspectives are opportunities to learn about oneself and others (DMB)
  11. On compromising with fascists (DD)
  12. It’s Not ‘Free Speech,’ It’s Bigotry (Medium)
  13. Does ‘Woke Mean Saying’–Or Not Saying–Certain Words? (Medium)
  14. When We Disagree On Politics and I Lose a Friend (Medium)
  15. What is Human Dignity? (Curious)
  16. On Decency: Defending Transgender Rights (JewishBoston, August 2018)
  17. “Undisguised Acceptance: Why I’m Voting Yes on 3” (Shalom Magazine, Fall/Rosh Hashanah 2018, p. 51)
  18. None of us are ‘animals’ (JewishBoston, May 2018)
  19. We are the book we’re talking about (Medium)
  20. Societies have shared beliefs, not absolute truths (DMB)
  21. On tolerating intolerance: Thoughts from ‘The Atheist Muslim’ (DMB)
  22. Avoiding and correcting false beliefs (DMB)
  23. Truth is a bully (DMB)
  24. When you don’t know if it’s a joke or a lie, what’s it called? (Medium)
  25. In Defense of Civility: How Religion Can Unite America on Seven Moral Issues That Divide Us by James Calvin Davis (GR)
  26. Are there correct answers to moral questions? Yes, says atheist Sam Harris (DMB)
  27. Hobbes: Learn the “Rules of Civil Life” and Stop Civil War (DMB)
  28. Because I Say So: The Dangerous Appeal of Moral Authority by Nikki Stern (GR)
  29. Cognitive Politics: A Communications Workbook for Progressives by Stephen M. Cataldo (GR)
  30. When someone doesn’t like the way you talked about a book, you don’t have to rewrite your opinion (Booxify)
  31. I Just Want to Select NO (Medium)
  32. I’m Not Debating That (Medium)
  33. Two Things ‘Cancel Culture’ Refers To (Medium)
  34. If you’re told your position is harmful (Medium)
  35. Quit Twitter? (Medium)
  36. We May Not Have Twitter Tomorrow (Medium)
  37. When we don’t have Twitter, we’ll enjoy books again (on Melancholic Parables) (Medium)