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Readathon (On Medium)

About Friendly Ideas

  1. Green Birds Are Birds (Medium)
  2. Do We Choose to Be Who We Are? (Medium)
  3. How Do We Know Who We Are? (Medium)
  4. Gödel is Sure Bach, and Trans People Are Sure Their Gender (Medium)
  5. Can an Identity be True and Not True? (Medium)
  6. There Were Gay Nazis (Medium)
  7. Binary gender isn’t natural: On the book Yo soy el monstruo que os habla by Paul B. Preciado (Medium)
  8. It doesn’t matter if you’re ‘modern’ or ‘classic’ — or if you’re ‘artificial’ or ‘natural’ (DD)
  9. Is It About Time, Bodies, or Both? (on Trans Talmud: Androgynes and Eunuchs in Rabbinic Literature by Max K. Strassfeld)
  10. Histories of the Transgender Child by Jules Gill-Peterson (Medium)
  11. A Surgeon for WWI and WWII Vets Also Helped a Trans Man — on The Facemaker by Lindsey Fitzharris (Medium)
  12. Jon Stewart talks to the Arkansas attorney general (2022) (DD)
  13. Murmur by Will Eaves (The Shadow, Medium)
  14. Victory: The Triumphant Gay Revolution by Linda R. Hirshman (GR)
  15. Mutually affirming accomplishments and gender (re: Jeopardy champion) (Medium)
  16. A positive story about a trans person in U.S. government (DD)
  17. Conundrum by Jan Morris (Medium)
  18. Summer Fun by Jeanne Thornton (Medium)
  19. Please Miss by Grace Lavery (GR)
  20. How to Be a Girl: A Mother’s Memoir of Raising Her Transgender Daughter by Marlo Mack, 2020 (GR)
  21. Transgressive by Rachel Anne Williams, 2019 (Medium)
  22. Where you can learn more about “Nightmare on Elm Street” (DD)