Let’s work on your story

Writing a philosophy or literature paper? An op-ed? A short story or novel?

Having a reader or editor for your rough draft strengthens your final outcome. The experience can help you feel more connected and empowered.

Writing operates in different dimensions: analytical, emotional, aesthetic. Let’s talk about where you want to go, and let’s go there together. I care about diversity and respect, and I care about who you are and what matters to you.

My background

Literary and professional

I write books, and I’ve published many articles that you can read free online. Please explore my work on this website if doing so might help you decide whether I can help you with your work. My literary CV is also available as a PDF, and clients have left me recommendations on LinkedIn.

For a decade, I worked for an investment technology company, so I have professional experience with technical documents and with web design and maintenance. More recently, though, I’ve been writing literature.

Identity and formation

Tucker Lieberman in front of a painted mural of a lion with a Colombian flag

Sometimes writers choose an editor based on personal traits. These kinds of factors can help them determine who might be a good fit for their work.

I am an atheist Jew and a secular humanist. I am a white USAmerican, originally from New England, who has been living in Bogotá, Colombia for several years. I am a native English speaker who also reads and speaks Spanish. I have turned 40.

I am a gay, transgender man. Specifically: I was born female, and, back in the days when the Internet was dial-up, I transitioned to live as a man. I had a brief same-sex marriage in the United States with another man, experienced a challenging divorce, and a decade later I entered a same-sex marriage in Colombia.

I have traveled a fair amount: India, Israel, South Africa, four European countries, two South American countries, as well as Canada, the United States, and Mexico on my home continent. I have participated in peace and environmental activism.

I have degrees in philosophy from Brown University (2002) and journalism from Boston University (2005). On my own time, I’ve done historical research and fact-checking.

Let’s change something

I’ll meet you at any stage, from initial brainstorming to final polishing. No draft is too rough to show me. Mindfulness brings us into the process. Your art is your process.

It may be about to look very different. It may be about to really, truly change. Sometimes sharing the rough draft and asking for a response is the pressure point that will bring it to the next stage.

What we can do

I can help you with prose, especially with what is called “literary fiction” or “creative nonfiction.” If you’re serious about it, I take it seriously. If it’s complex, let’s figure it out.

I love to read poems, but I’m not experienced in editing them. That said, feel free to inquire if you nevertheless believe I might be able to help you with your poems, too.

What happens when we work together

If you haven’t started to write, we can talk about your feelings and ideas to unpack them. You probably aren’t broken, but life’s broken pieces that fascinate you might be the seeds of your works of art.

If you’ve already finished a rough draft and if some parts of it feel broken, those spots may not primarily need technical fixing, after all. They may instead mark great insights that are about to unfold and burst open.

I want your art to resonate with you as its creator as well as make sense for me as its reader. I want the story to have a sense of its own boundaries, whether you decide to keep challenging them or to finally accept them.

You do not have to apologize for the grief/madness/trauma that is generating the art. You do not have to explain the dynamic of knowing-and-not-knowing. “You do not have to be good.” — Mary Oliver Your story has its own symbols; I am not scared of them. You have ambition and are taking a risk; I admire that. If you don’t love it yet, let’s “level up” the draft until it reaches a point at which you love it. It can be weird. It will not be boring. It might be transformative.

Where we can meet

Phone, video chat, or email. You pick.

How to pay me

I suggest US $0.02/word for each round of feedback, which could involve developmental edits, line edits, or significant copyedits. That comes to $100 for every 5,000 words. This rate enables me to keep doing this work, but it is also competitive (take a look, for reference). Payment methods: PayPal or CashApp.

If this is not the number for you, bring me a different number. I do not need to hear the arithmetic behind your proposal of a different number. I need to hear the profound offering of why you are here. Bring me the story.

Reach out

Tell me what you’re looking for.