Most Famous Short Film of All Time

A novel by Tucker Lieberman


Philosophy — Fiction — Plenty of Time

Ghosts and goddesses beckon Lev Ockenshaw. Oh, bother. Fortunately, he’s got a pill for that. In 2014, Lev is happily telling campfire stories in Boston with his longtime friend, Stanley, and his coworker, Aparna. One day, he receives an anonymous, threatening email referring to the company where he and Aparna work. He reports the threat to his boss, but is not believed. Most Famous Short Film of All Time is a non/fiction-hybrid philosophical novel about belief, prejudice, perception, ethical action/inaction, undoing/redoing decisions, trying harder, being excellent to your friends, being a fictional character, being trans, the nature of time, and burning things that do not serve.

“unlike any other book that I’ve encountered before…a fun and fluid read”
— Independent Book Review

Listen along at home with the playlist: “It’s Not the End of the World” (Spotify)

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💠 455 pages

💠 September 20, 2022
💠 $23.25 US: Bookshop
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💠 $25 US: Barnes & Noble
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During the first half of 2023, you can request a free e-copy through Edelweiss — and hopefully leave a review. I’d love it if you did.

You can also read the first chapter on Reedsy. The “Discover” date there will be February 14, 2023.

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Literary Titan (Jan 7, 2023), Silver Award for Feb 2023
Kirkus Reviews (Aug 4, 2022)

Tucker Lieberman wearing sunglasses outdoors

Tucker Lieberman is the author of three nonfiction books:
Painting Dragons
Bad Fire
Ten Past Noon

and a bilingual poetry collection
recognized as a finalist in the 2020 Grayson Books Poetry Contest
and nominated for the 2022 Elgin Award
by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association:
Enkidu Is Dead and Not Dead /
Enkidu está muerto y no lo está
His essay on a horror film appears in It Came From the Closet (Feminist Press, 2022).

He’s contributed to three anthologies recognized by Lambda Literary: Balancing on the Mechitza (North Atlantic Books, 2011 Lambda winner), Letters For My Brothers (Wilgefortis, 2012 Lambda finalist), and Trans-Galactic Bike Ride (Elly Blue Publishing, 2021 Lambda finalist).

His flash fiction was recognized in the 2019 STORGY Magazine Flash Fiction Competition.