Literary journals

Want to find great literary magazines to read? Or are you looking to submit your work?

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If you’d like a similar list in a different, Twitter-friendly format, see what Tom Gumbert’s done.
Brecht de Poortere ranks journals by number of Twitter followers.
The Twitter account @CallsOpen posts current calls for submissions.
Chill Subs ( has a free database of >2000 literary magazines and >1200 writing contests, and they post calls for submissions. Twitter: @chillsubs
Sage Tyrtle has a list of journals that do not charge for submissions.

Please note: I made a separate page for journals that cater to youth (i.e. teens and college students).

Mental Health

Bellevue Lit Review @BLReview
The Institutionalized Review @TIReview
Awkward Mermaid Lit Mag @awkwrdmermaid
peculiars magazine @peculiarsmag ‏
Blanket Sea Magazine @BlanketSea ‏
Witted Roots @WittedRoots
Doll Hospital @dollhospitalmag ‏
Uncomfortable Revolution @uncomfortablism
Mental @mental_zine ‏
Alt-Minds Mag @AltMindsMag
Serotonin @serotoninpoetry
Safe and Sound @SafeandSoundP

Health: Other

Pain @pain_poetry_mag ‏
Ache @ache_magazine

Special projects

C e r g a t @EmptyCobwebs
Guerrilla Concepts @GC_AnonProjects ‏
Neutral Spaces @NeutralSpaces


Lunarian Press @LunarianPress
Speculative66 @Speculative_66 ‏
Lackington’s Magazine @Lackingtons [speculative prose]
The Future Fire @thefuturefire “social-political and progressive speculative fiction magazine and small press”
Mithila Review @MithilaReview [international SFF]
Inclusive Future Magazine @InclusiveFuture
Grimscribe Press @GrimscribePress
Carl Brandon Society @carlbrandon
SF & F Poetry Assn @sfpoetry
HEX @hexagonmagazine
DAYBREAKING ZINE @DAYBREAKINGZINE (“queer communist sci fi zine”)
Rune Bear @Runebearmag (“A Lit Mag for the Weird”)
The Wondrous Real Lit Magazine @wondrousrealmag (“bringing magical themes together with the contemporary world”)
Outlander Magazine @outlanderzine (“highlighting the awkward & eccentric”)

Gender, Race, Other Identities

Note: Please also check out Think in Ink’s monthly resource list of literary opportunities for BIPOC writers.

Lady Science @ladyxscience
Vox Viola Literary Magazine @voxviolalitmag (“to empower the voices of all women”)
Screen Door Review @Screen_Door_R ‏
persephonesdaughters @persephonesmag ‏
PALABRITAS @HPalabritas ‏
FIYAH Literary Magazine @fiyahlitmag ‏
Callaloo Journal @CallalooJournal ‏
Anathema Magazine @anathemaspec ‏
Homology Lit @HomologyLit ‏
Spectra Journal @spectra_journal ‏
Impossible Archetype @impossiblearch ‏LGBTQ+ poetry
Out Magazine @outmagazine ‏
name and none @nameandnone “an anti-capitalist platform for trans creators”‏
Yes Poetry @yespoetry ‏
Cotton Xenomorph @CottonXenomorph ‏‏
Vetch Poetry @vetchpoetry
Crab Fat Magazine @CrabFatMagazine
The Brown Orient @thebrownorient ‏‏
Reclamation Magazine @reclamationmag ‏
Animal Heart Press @PressAnimal ‏
Wear Your Voice Mag @WearYourVoice ‏
Raspa Magazine @RaspaMagazine ‏
Butter @bttrprss “centered on queer, trans, and non-binary voices”‏
Vagabond City Lit @VagabondCityLit ‏
The Accomplices @the5accomplices ‏
TRACK//FOUR @t4journal ‏
Yemoja Parchments @waterparchments ‏
Watermelanin Magazine @WatermelaninMag
The Shade Journal @ShadePoetry ‏
Gay Flash Fiction @gayflashfiction
The Fruit Tree @TheFruitTreeMag
OUT/CAST @outcastlit ‏‏
Foglifter @foglifterpress “LGBTQ+…powerful, intersectional writing that queers our perspectives”‏
The Selkie @TheSelkieUK ‏
briars lit @briarslit ‏
Dying Dahlia Review @DyingDahliaRev ‏
Feminine Collective: Humanity, Raw & Unfiltered @femininecollect ‏
Hecate Magazine @hecatemag “celebrating the vision + voices of wild womxn + witches”
Millennial Pink @mpinkofficial ‏
Aristeia Anthology @AnthoAristeia ‏‏
{m}aganda magazine @magandamagazine ‏
La Scrittrice @LaScrittrice_HQ
Minola Review @ReviewMinola ‏
canthius @canthius ‏
Capulet Mag @CapuletMag ‏
Room Magazine @RoomMagazine “women (cis/trans), trans men, Two-Spirit and nonbinary”
grlsquash @grlsquash “womxn’s food, art, & culture journal”‏‏‏
Prismatica Magazine @prismaticamag “LGBTQ fantasy & sci-fi magazine”‏
TWANG @TWANGanthology “for & by #trans #nonbinary #gendernonconforming creatives of the south/midwest USA” ‏‏
Dorothy @DorothyProject “feminist press dedicated to works of fiction & near fiction”‏
sinθ magazine @sinethetamag [“Sino diaspora” “people of Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, or Macau heritage”]
Tint Journal [for writers with English as a second or non-native language]
The Acentos Review @acentosreview “writing, art, music and multigenre work by emerging and established Latin@s in Eng., Span., Port., and indigenous languages.
Somos en escrito Literary Magazine and Press @Somosenescrito “American writers of Chicano, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban and other Hispanic origins”
khōréō magazine @KhoreoMag “speculative fiction by immigrant and diaspora authors & artists. Subs open for fiction, non-fiction, art, voice actors, and volunteers!”
Pollux Journal @polluxjournal “a quarterly literary magazine dedicated to multilinguality!”
Constelación Magazine @constelacionmag “A bilingual speculative fiction magazine. Una revista bilingüe de ficción especulativa.”
Alebrijes Review @AlebrijesReview (“Latino/a/e/x poetry, short fiction, music, + art” “English/Español/Spanglish”)
Chronotope Magazine @chronotopemag
Bone Bouquet @Bone_Bouquet
#EnbyLife @enbylife
L I M I N A L @liminalmag
Fruit Journal @JournalFruit
Pencilled In Rainbow @pencilled_in
Djed Press @djed_press “Bla(c)k creatives & other creatives of colour”
Coalesce @coalesce_zine “(esp. LGBTQ+ and POC)”
Flamingo Literary @FlamingoLit “actuallyautistic artists” (on hiatus, last tweeted Spring 2020)
Plantin Magazine @PlantinMag “An independent illustrated Black Immigrant online platform publishing short fiction, poetry, & sweetly imagined futures”
the unplug collective @unplugcollectiv IG: @theunplugcollective “Rainbow telling our stories as a radical act | mental health + body liberation mag by Black women & gender-expansive folks”
ENBY Magazine @enbymag
THE PARALLAX @theparallaxjrnl (hasn’t tweeted since 2018)
Flash Magazine @_flashzine
Nantygreens @nantygreens [Nigerian writers]
hoochie. @hoochiefeminist
The Rational @rationalonline
QAPoetry @QaPoetry
clavmag @clavmag
Autostraddle @autostraddle [LGBTQ women]
Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism @M3RIDIANS [women of color]
Honey Literary @HoneyLiterary “BIPOC-focused literary journal built by women of color”
beestung @beestungmag [non-binary and two-spirit writers]
lemon yellow press @lemonyellowpres [lesbian] Note: last tweet was December 2019
@TheSissyFuss @thesissyfuss
Querelle Magazine @querelleAU
Stone of Madness Press @madness_press “queer, trans, and neurodiverse experiences”
AURELIA MAGAZINE @aureliamagazine “marginalized genders”
Maw: Poetry Magazine @MawPoetry “We’re a poetry magazine that exclusively publishes marginalized creators.”
opia @opialitmag “prose, poetry & visual art by marginalised and underrepresented creatives”
Queerlings @queerlings “uplifting #LGBTQIA+ voices”
MIXED MAG @MixedMag “creatives of color”
ASHAMED @ashamedmagazine “for people of colour”
Tealight Press @tealightpress (queer)
fourteenpoems @fourteenpoems (LGBT+ poetry anthology)
Floresta @florestamag
Kalonopia @kalonopia (“A literary collective to empower visually impaired writers.”)
Tipping the Scales Literary Journal @TTSLitJournal (“by lesbians/for lesbians”)
Rodwell Magazine @RodwellMagazine (queer)
Fifth Wheel Press @fifthwheelpress (queer)
Untitled Writing @WritingUntitled (“underrepresented writers”)
Unmute Magazine @UnmuteMagazine (“by and for BIPOC creators”)


EcotoneMagazine @EcotoneMagazine ‏
EcoTheo Review @ecotheo ‏
LandLocked Magazine @landlockedmag ‏
Califragile Poetry @CalifragileP ‏
Epidote Press @epidotepress ‏
The Fourth River @thefourthriver ‏‏
Flyway @Flyway_journal ‏‏‏
Brief Eulogies @briefeulogies ‏
Uproot @uprootmag ‏
Salt Water Soul @SaltWaterSoul1 ‏‏
amberflora @amberflorazine ‏
Deep Wild Journal @deepwildjournal ‏
Landscapes Reimagined @LandReimagined
HelenLitMag @HelenLitMag‏ [Southern Nevada]
Cowboy Jamboree @CowboyJamboree ‏
Slag Glass City @SlagGlassCity
Split Rock Review @SplitRockReview ‏
Sinking City @SinkingCity ‏‏
CalquePress @CalquePress ‏‏‏
Unearthed Literary Journal @UnearthedJ
Bomb Cyclone @BombCycloneZine
Finished Creatures Poetry Magazine @FinishedPoetry
Reckoning @ReckoningMag “creative writing on environmental justice”


Paintbucket @paintbucketpage
Journal of Revolution and Liberation @JREVLIB
Poets Reading the News @PoetsRTN
Headline Poetry & Press @headlinepoets
The Jupiter Review @JupiterReview “anti-fascist literary journal”
The Utopia Project @utoprozine “speaks to the political realities we face”
Violet Indigo Blue, Etc. (VIBE) @violetetc


fewerthan500 @fewerthan500
Nanoism @nanoism
250Fiction @250Fiction
Paranoid Tree @ParanoidxTree

The Centifictionist @centifictionist “international microfiction 100 words or less”


Catapult @CatapultStory
For Page And Screen @ForPage_Screen
Coffin Bell Journal @coffin_bell ‏
Tinderbox Poetry @TinderboxPoetry ‏
Nat. Brut Magazine @NatBrut ‏
Rhythm & Bones Press @RhythmBonesLit
Ploughshares @pshares ‏
Entropy @EntropyMag ‏
Columbia Journal @ColumbiaJournal ‏
Nautilus @NautilusMag ‏
Quanta Magazine @QuantaMagazine ‏
The Rumpus @The_Rumpus ‏
The Paris Review @parisreview ‏
The New York Review of Books @nybooks ‏
LA Review of Books @LAReviewofBooks ‏
jmww Journal @jmwwjournal ‏
Peril magazine @PerilMag ‏
Georgia Review @GeorgiaReview
The Southern Review @southern_review
Crazyhorse Journal @CrazyhorseLitJo ‏
NorthAmericanReview @NorthAmerReview
LatAmLitToday @LatAmLitToday ‏
Mascara Literary Review @mascarareview ‏
Waxwing Magazine @WaxwingMag ‏ ‏
American Literary Review @ALitReview
New England Review @NERweb ‏
New Ohio Review @NewOhioReview
The Journal @OSUtheJOURNAL ‏
The Lascaux Review @lascauxreview ‏
WordsWithoutBorders @wwborders
WorldLiteratureToday @worldlittoday
F&SF @fandsf ‏
Locus Magazine @locusma‏g
Boston Accent @BostonAccentLit ‏
Washington Square Review @on_squ ‏
wyrdandwyse @wyrdandwyse ‏ (defunct since 2019)
The Elixir Magazine @MagazineElixir ‏‏
ReliefJournal @ReliefJournal ‏
Sea Post Press @SeaPostPress ‏
littledeathlit @littledeathlit ‏‏‏
ctrl + v journal @ctrlvjournal ‏
Ethos Literary Journal (ELJ) @EljEthos ‏
River Styx @RiverStyxMag ‏
Charles River Jrnl @therealCRJ ‏
GrindstoneLiterary @GrindstoneLit ‏
Qu Literary Magazine @QuLitMag ‏
The Rialto @RialtoPoetry ‏
Ruminate Magazine @RuminateMag ‏
Turnpike Magazine @turnpikezine ‏
Antiphon @AntiphonPoetry
Button Poetry @buttonpoetry ‏
Crack The Spine @CrackTheSpine ‏
Porridge @porridgemag ‏
Eye Flash Poetry @EyeFlashPoetry ‏
Darling @darlingmag ‏
Rock & Sling @rockandsling ‏
Sweet Tree Review @sweettreereview ‏
Peach Mag @peachmgzn ‏
Oddball Magazine @OddballMagazine
Lean and Loafe Journal @AndLoafe
masonjarpress @masonjarpress
hornt poet @hornypoetry
Fireside Magazine @FiresideFiction
Firewords @FirewordsMag
CLOAK @cloak_wtf “an interdisciplinary publishing project focused on visibility, concealment, and surveillance”‏
Magma Poetry @magmapoetry ‏
Terse Journal @tersejournal ‏
CherryQuill Stories @CherryQuillStry ‏
Best Small Fictions @BestSmFictions
Big Truths @BigTruths ‏
Grist Journal @GristJournal ‏
Clarion Magazine @ClarionLitMag ‏
Wide Eyes Publishing @wideeyespub ‏
Kenyon Review @kenyonreview ‏
Back Bay Review @backbayreview ‏
Wrath Bearing Tree @WrathBT ‏
Reservoir Journal @reservoirlit ‏
Bayou Magazine @BayouMag ‏
Nightingale & Sparrow @nightandsparrow ‏
Hawk and Whippoorwill @hawkandwhip ‏
Juked Magazine @JukedMagazine ‏
From Whispers to Roars @fwtr_litmag ‏
Banango Lit @BanangoLit ‏
Sweet Literary @SweetLiterary ‏
Ambit Magazine @ambitmagazine ‏
theinterpretershouse @theinterpreter6 ‏
Empty Mirror @EmptyMirror ‏
Calamus Journal @CalamusJournal ‏
Ink Sweat & Tears @InkSweatTears ‏
Sandy River Review @srreview_umf ‏
Lighthouse @LighthouseJrnl ‏
Fourth Genre @FourthGenre
Bare Fiction @BareFiction ‏
Sixth Finch @SixthFinch ‏
The Seventh Quarry @SeventhQuarry ‏
Salt Hill Journal @salthilljournal ‏
Salamander @Salamander_Mag ‏
Jet Fuel Review @JetFuelReview ‏
Soft Star Magazine @softstarmag‏
Door Is A Jar LitMag @DoorIsAJarMag ‏
Forge Litmag @forge_litmag ‏
The Tishman Review @TishmanReview ‏
Silk + Smoke @silkandsmokemag ‏
Royal Rose @royalrosemag ‏
PulpPoetsPress @PoetsPulp ‏
Sad Girl Review @sadgirlreview ‏
ELKE Journal @elke_journal ‏
Devil’s Lake Journal @dl_journal
Blood Orange Review @BloodOrangeRev ‏‏
Orange Blossom Review @OBR_LitJournal ‏
Orange Blush @orangeblushzine
Potomac Review @PotomacReview ‏
Whiskey Island @WhiskeyIsle ‏
Miracle Monocle @miracle_monocle ‏
Tahoma Literary Review @TahomaReview ‏
Cold Creek Review @coldcreekreview ‏
Ghost Parachute @GhostParachute ‏
Rogue Agent @RogueAgentJ ‏
Threadcount @threadcountmag ‏
FlashBack Fiction @FlashBackFic ‏
Profane @profanejournal ‏
Into the Void @intothevoidmag ‏
New South @NewSouthJournal ‏
ZoeticPress @ZoeticPress ‏
Milkfist @milkfist_mag ‏
McNeese Review @McNeeseReview ‏
Small Po[r]tions @smallpo_tions ‏
Sick Lit Magazine @SickLitMag ‏
Cagibi @cagibilit ‏
semicolon @semicolonlit ‏
Fog & Folly @fogandfollymag ‏
little dog poetry @poetrydog ‏
Elephants Never @AnElephantNever
Theta Wave @theta__wave ‏‏
Wyvern Lit @WyvernLit
Rabid Oak @RabidOak ‏
Foliate Oak Magazine @Foliate_Oak ‏
WillowLitMag @willowlitmag ‏
Beech St. Review @beech_street ‏
Moonchild Magazine @moonchildmag ‏
Milk Candy Review @moonrabbitcandy ‏
Squalorly Lit Mag @Squalorly ‏
Literary Orphans @LiteraryOrphans ‏
Quarterly West @QuarterlyWest ‏
Corvus Review @CorvusReview ‏
The Harpoon Review @HarpoonReview ‏
Lockjaw Magazine @lockjawmag ‏
Cartridge Lit @CartridgeLit ‏
Dirty Paws Poetry @DirtyPawsPoetry ‏
Occulum @OcculumJournal ‏
Pithead Chapel @PitheadChapel ‏
shabby doll house @shabbydollhouse ‏
Sugared Water @Sugared_Water ‏
witch craft mag @witchcraftmag ‏
Cosmonauts Avenue @CosmoAvenue ‏
Drunk Monkeys @DrunkMonkeysWeb ‏
monkeybicycle @monkeybicycle ‏
MONK art and the soul @MONKartsmag (“an Imaginarium, an exploration of spirituality, consciousness, and the arts, chasing beauty and the human spirit”)
Sundog Lit @SundogLit ‏
Southeast Review @SoutheastReview ‏
Wigleaf @Wigleaf ‏
AGNI @AGNIMagazine
Synaesthesia Mag @SynaesthesiaMag ‏
ThirdPointPress @ThirdPointPress ‏
Hypertrophic Press @HypertrophicLit ‏
Shimmer Magazine @ShimmerStories ‏
The Adroit Journal @adroitjournal ‏
Bad Pony Magazine @badponymag (on hiatus since 2020)‏
Jellyfish Review @JellyfishReview ‏
Luna Luna Magazine @LunaLunaMag ‏
Half Mystic @wearehalfmystic ‏
The Shallow Ends @TheShallowEnds ‏
Foundry @FoundryJournal ‏
American Humanist @americnhumanist ‏
Frontier Poetry @FrontierPoetry ‏
Headlight Anthology @HeadlightAnt ‏
The Wire’s Dream Mag @TWDMagazine ‏
ariana cragde @cragazine ‏ [flash fiction]
figrootpress @figrootpress ‏
PANK Magazine @pankmagazine
The Bitchin’ Kitsch @TheBitchinK ‏
Memoir Mixtapes @MemoirMixtapes
The Creative Truth @tctjournal ‏
gigantic sequins @GIGANTICsequins [fiction, poetry, CNF, B&W art and comics]
Quail Bell Magazine @quailbellmag ‏
Nightmare Magazine @NightmareMag
Nightmare on Film Street @NOFSpodcast
Apex Magazine @apexmag ‏
Daily ScienceFiction @DailySF ‏
Aphotic Realm @AphoticRealm “strange & sinister fiction”
3-Lobed Burning Eye @3lobedmag “fantasy, horror, & science fiction”
Asymmetry Fiction @asymmetrytweets
Lightspeed Magazine @LightspeedMag ‏
Strange Horizons @strangehorizons
grimoire magazine @WeAreGrimoire
Unfit Magazine @unfitmagazine ‏
The Fear Merchant @TheFearMerchant ‏
Dread Central @DreadCentral ‏
Rare Horror @RareHorror ‏
Cadaverous Magazine @cadaverousmag ‏
Rue Morgue @RueMorgue ‏
Body Count Rising @BCRising
Beneath Ceaseless Skies (BCS) Online Magazine @BCSmagazine ‏
Passages North @PassagesNorth
InvertedSyntax @invertedsyntax ‏
TheGreensboroReview @greensbororevie
Sycamore Review @SycamoreReview ‏‏
SmokeLong Quarterly @SmokeLong ‏
Gulf Coast Journal @Gulf_Coast ‏
Twist in Time Literary Magazine @TwistinTimeMag
Noemi Press @Noemi_Press
Barren Magazine @BarrenMagazine
Belladonna* Series @bella_collab
Crab Creek Review @CrabCreekRev ‏
Seattle Review @TheSeattleRev
Baltimore Review @BaltimoreEditor
Blue Earth Review @BlueEarthReview ‏
Constellate Journal @ConstellateLit
Haydens Ferry Review @haydensferryrev ‏
Prairie Schooner @TheSchooner ‏
Sonora Review @sonorareview ‏
Colorado Review @Colorado_Review ‏
New Delta Review @ndrmag ‏
The Collagist @TheCollagist ‏
Neologism Poetry Journal @neologismpoetry
The Ginger Collect @gingercollect
L’Éphémère Review @EphemereReview ‏
Bombus Press @bombuspress ‏
Minute Magazine @minute_mag ‏
(b)OINK zine @boinkzine ‏
Ellipsis Zine @EllipsisZine
Parentheses Journal @ParenthesesArt ‏
Daphne Magazine @daphmag ‏
‏The Mantle @TheMantlePoetry ‏
Sooth Swarm Journal @sooth_swarm ‏
Conduit Magazine @conduitmagazine ‏
Red Savina Review Webzine @RSavinaR ‏
Red Queen Lit Mag @redqueenlitmag ‏
Three Drops from a Cauldron @threedropspoems ‏
Cauldron Anthology @cauldronanth2 ‏
Faded Out @f4dedout ‏
Smoking Mirror Press @SmokingMirrorP
Squawk Back @SquawkBack ‏http://THESQUAWKBACK.COM
Flapperhouse @FLAPPERHOUSE ‏
SallRocksPoetry @SallRocksPoetry ‏
Locust Magazine @locustmagazine ‏
The Otter @OtterMagazine ‏
Coalesce Lit. Mag @coalescelitmag ‏
CITY I AM lit mag @CITYIAMlitmag ‏
Jab Magazine @jabmag_ ‏
The Coil Magazine @CoilMag ‏
Picaroon Poetry @picaroonpoetry ‏
BeloitPoetryJournal @BPJTweets ‏
Uncanny Magazine @UncannyMagazine ‏
Black Warrior Review @BlackWarriorRev ‏
Flypaper Lit @flypaperlit [poetry, prose, reviews]
The Offing @theoffingmag ‏
Muzzle Magazine @MuzzleMagazine
The Normal School @thenormalschool ‏ ‏
The Pinch @pinchjournal ‏
UnbrokenJournal @UnbrokenJournal ‏
Noble / Gas Qtrly @noblegasqtrly ‏
Headway Quarterly @HeadwayLit
Mojave He[art] Review @MojaveHeart
One Story @onestorymag ‏
3:AM Magazine @3ammagazine ‏
Third Coast Magazine @thirdcoastmag
Ink In Thirds @InkInThirds ‏‏
Rule of Three Review @ruleofthreerev1
FIVE:2:ONE @five2onemag ‏
Blue Fifth Review @bluefifthreview
8 Poems Journal @8Poems ‏
Seven Corners @sevencorners
Ninth Letter @ninthletter ‏
Fourteen Hills @14Hills ‏
32poems @32poems ‏
After the Pause @afterthepause ‏
Pidgeonholes @pidgeonholes ‏
freeze frame fiction @freezeframefic ‏
MoonPark Review @MoonParkReview ‏
Cease, Cows @CeaseCowsMag ‏
Alegrarse Journal @AlegrarseLit ‏
Déraciné Magazine @deracinemag ‏
Redivider @redividermag ‏
Creative Nonfiction @cnfonline ‏
River Teeth @riverteeth ‏
Dream Pop Press @DreamPopPress ‏
Narratively @Narratively ‏
Narrative Magazine @NarrativeMag ‏
The Long Read @gdnlongread ‏
Longform @longform ‏
Vibe Magazine @VibeMagazine ‏
Longleaf Review @longleafreview ‏
Hot Metal Bridge @HMBMag ‏
Indiana Review @IndianaReview ‏
Cincinnati Review @CincinnReview
The Iowa Review @IowaReview
Platypus Press × Wildness Journal @platypuspress
Hippocampus Magazine @hippocampusmag ‏
Split Lip Magazine @splitlipthemag ‏
Lost Balloon @lostballoonmag ‏
Guesthouse @guesthouselit ‏
Fictive Dream @FictiveDream ‏
The Fiction Pool @TheFictionPool ‏
The Rose Magazine @therosemagazine ‏
Syntax & Salt @syntaxandsalt ‏
The Cabinet Of Heed @CabinetOfHeed ‏
Orson’s Review @OrsonsReview ‏
Crossways @crosswayslitmag ‏
The Bangor Literary Journal @BangorLiterary ‏
Rising Phoenix Review @thephoenixpress ‏
Anti-Heroin Chic @Heroin_Chic_Mag
Amaryllis @AmaryllisPoems ‏
Amethyst Review @AmethystReview ‏
Mystic Blue Review @review_blue ‏
Dodging The Rain @dodgingtherain ‏
indicia lit journal @IndiciaLit ‏
yemassee journal @YemasseeJournal ‏
The Ideate Review @theideatereview ‏
Paper Trains Literary Journal @TrainsPaper ‏
The Battersea Review @BatterseaReview ‏
Heavy Feather Review @HeavyFeatherRev ‏
Apocalips @onlineapocalips ‏
Pusteblume Journal @PBJournal ‏
CutBank @cutbankonline ‏
Verdancies Journal @Vrdncys ‏
Cicatrice Journal @Cicatrice_UoS ‏
formercactus @formercactus ‏
findelkind @findelkindmag ‏
The Atlas Review @theatlasreview ‏
Okay Donkey @okaydonkeymag ‏
inter|rupture @interrupture ‏
algebraofowls @algebraofowls ‏
Atrium Poetry @Atrium_Poetry ‏
LongPoemMag @LongPoemMag ‏
The Blue Pages @bluepageslit ‏
Angelical Ravings Zine @RavingsZine ‏
jubilat @jubilat_ ‏
The Nasiona Magazine @TheNasiona ‏
mookychick @mookychick ‏
Sukoon @Sukoonmag ‏
Superstition Review @SuperstitionRev ‏
Riggwelter Press @riggwelterpress
CollectiveUnrest @Unrest_mag ‏
Dwarts Magazine @DwartsMag ‏
AMRI @AMRIJournal ‏
Whale Road Review @WhaleRoadReview ‏
Burnt Pine @burntpinemag ‏
Green Light Lit @GreenLightLit ‏
TheBlackDogReview @BlackDogReview ‏
Quincy Quatrain @QuatLit ‏
Sugar House Review @SugarHouseRev ‏
Storm Cellar @stormcellar ‏
honey & lime @honeyandlimelit ‏
‏Barnstorm Journal @BStormJournal ‏
Water Stone Review @WSRLitJournal ‏
Fugue @FugueJournal ‏
gaze journal @GazeJournal ‏
Screaming Spot Post @ScreamingSPost ‏
Epigraph Magazine @EpigraphMag ‏ poetry
wohe lit @wohelit ‏
Pom Pom @pompomlit ‏
Deadeyes Lit Mag @DEADEYESLITMAG ‏
The Mad River @The_Mad_River ‏
Super Ink Arts @superinkarts ‏
Jarfly | A Poetry Magazine @JarflyMagazine ‏
Exoplanet Magazine @ExoplanetMag ‏
Unnerving Magazine @UnnervingMag ‏
n+1 @nplusonemag ‏
The Cerurove @cerurove ‏
unstamatic @unstamaticmag ‏
The Believer @believermag ‏
Timothy McSweeney @mcsweeneys ‏
Rust + Moth @rustandmoth ‏
Moss @mosslitmag
Moss Puppy Mag @mosspuppymag “weird, muddy, & messy”‏
Vamp Cat Magazine @vampcatmag ‏
Reality Break Press @RealityBreakLit ‏ fiction & poetry
RealityBeach @RealityBeach ‏
The Missouri Review @Missouri_Review ‏
Neon Mariposa Magazine @MagazineNeon ‏
Milk and Beans @milkbeansmag ‏
Bonnie’s Crew @bonnieandcrew ‏
SLC Review @slc_review ‏‏
The Summerset Review @SummersetReview ‏
phoebe @PhoebeJournal ‏
gravel @gravelmag ‏
sea foam mag @seafoammag ‏
Hunger Mountain @HungerMtn ‏
cream city review @creamcityreview ‏
SF Review of Books @SFReviewofBooks ‏
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(hasn’t tweeted since 2019) “Diverse, inclusive, progressive satirical literary and arts magazine. We bite and illuminate.” The Crossing Lit Mag @CrossingLit
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Agapanthus Collective @AgapanthusCOLL “the unheard, the weird, the comforting, the loved, and the disquiet”
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I Am Not A Lit Mag  @NotALitMag
The Arachne Review @arachnereview “poetry, creative nonfiction, and essays on craft. Feedback w/ rejections.”
Shambles Hedgehog @readshambles “punchy poetry and pocket-sized prose”
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Translunar Travelers Lounge @TranslunarTL
Twin Pies Literary @twinpieslit “I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.”
sturgeon review @SturgeonReview
lanke review @LankeReview “literary and art mag. lanke (烂柯) is a phrase describing the passing of years. we want words that take us through time, art that sweeps us away”
The ORB @ORBzine Writer/editor of NI’s longest-running #SciFi, #Fantasy + #Horror webzine. Keeping you up to date on #SpeculativeFiction in N.I. since 1999.
Ink Drinkers Magazine @InkDrinkers “publishing on solstice/equinox dates”
yours, poetically @poeticallymag “for wordsmiths, storytellers and the poetically inclined!”
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CLOVERLEAF @cloverleaf_mag “all about media and culture convergence and anyone who cares about it”
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lamplightmagazine @lamplightmag “dark fiction”
Pantheon Magazine @PantheonMag “We publish new. We publish weird. We want to mess with your head.” (hasn’t tweeted since 2017)
The Phare @pharelitmag “short story, flash fiction, poetry and photography”
Crown & Pen Nib Crown @crownandpenzine “writing & art that unsettles & provokes”
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indigo lit @indigolit_ “lilac poetry, violet prose, & amethyst art. the breathtaking & heartbreaking that haunts us”
Briefly Zine @Briefly_Zine “Bold, succinct writing”
Seaborne Magazine @SeaborneMag “All sea. All the time. Digital lit mag: fiction, non-fiction, poetry & art”
Wrongdoing Magazine @wrongdoingmag “the dark, the sacrilegious, and all of that good stuff that opens mouths and wounds”
Prospectus: A Literary Offering @prospectus2012 “dedicated exclusively to the beginning writer & artist”
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NowruzJournal @NowruzJournal “Persian Arts and Letters”
Riot In Your Throat @RiotThroat “fierce, feminist poetry”
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Southchild Lit @SouthchildLit “a new digital lit mag dedicated to finding a home for all of your wandering art”
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The Unorthodocs @TUnorthodocs “for the bizarre, the creative and the quirky” “poetry, prose, and all forms of art”
Fish Barrel Review @fishbarrelrev “dedicated and empathetic artists”
superfroot mag @superfrootmag
the aurora journal @aurorajournaI “poetry & prose in the form of the surreal, the ethereal, & the whimsical”
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Bear Creek Gazette @bcgazette
Gossamer Literary Magazine @gossamerlit “the dreamy & the ethereal”
ThereAfter Magazine @Thereafter_mag “fiction, creative nonfiction, essays, memoir, and visual art”
Tether’s End Magazine @tethersendmag “prose, poetry, creative non-fiction and more”
The Postmodern Review @postmodern_the “poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction…to solve the problems of modernity”
The New Modality @newmodality “a new publication and community about living a meaningful life”
The Minison Project @MinisonProject “Shakespeare’s sonnet reimagined”
Words & Whispers Journal @wwlitjournal “unique poetry and prose by writers of all ages and backgrounds”
Sublunary Review @SublunaryReview “dedicated to the world that churns below the moon”
Voluminous Crux Magazine @VoluminousCrux
Turbulence and Coffee
Review of UnContemporary Fiction @UnContemporary_“Critical essays and book reviews on things published before 2010.”
Woolgathering Review @WoolgatheringR
Corporeal @corporeallitmag
Midlight @midlightmag
Provenance @ProvenanceJourn
The Birdseed Blog & Magazine @the_birdseed
Celestite Poetry @celestitepoetry
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Paddler Press @PaddlerPress
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Backslash Lit @backslashlit
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Post-Culture Review @PostCultRev
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Discretionary Love @LovesDiscretion “sharing the story of love”
ZERO READERS @ZeroReadersMag “Process-focused poetry” “minimal, direct stuff”
The Red Lemon Review @redandlemony
BigMuddyJournal @BigMuddyJournal
talking about strawberries all of the time @talking_time
Evocations Review @EvocationsLit “Cultural commentary, socially-conscious, and diversity-minded.”
Loch Norse Magazine @LochNorse “published annually by a staff of undergraduate students at Northern Kentucky University”
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East Ridge Review @eastridgereview
gal-dem @galdemzine
Extra Teeth @extrateethmag
COSY @cosy_land
DEAR Poetry Journal @deardearpoetry

Coal Lick Run @CoalLickRun “very short fiction”
thestate @thestate_ “south-south relations, alternative conceptions of the future, and language”
Triple Canopy @Triple_Canopy
DEMILIT₃ @demilit
Rough Diamond Poetry Journal @PoetryRough
Scapegoat Review @scapegoatreview
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Bluebird Lit Magazine @bluebirdlit
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Fiery Scribe Review @FieryScribeMag
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Overtly Lit @overtlylit
the madrigal @madrigalpress “dublin-based poetry magazine aiming to showcase work that is emotive, sincere, and familiar”
Cave Wall Press @CaveWallPress “literary journal”
Sky Island Journal @Sky1sland “poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction”
One Full Wit Reading Series @akrupman “short stories, lyric essays, travel writing, satire, polemics, elevated fan fiction, 10-minute plays, haiku, sonnets, sestinas”
Waccamaw Journal @waccamawjournal stories, essays, poems
LEON Literary Review @LeonReview “poetry, fiction, and essay”
Temenos Literary Journal @temenos_journal
Mid-Level Management Literary Magazine @midlvlmag “explores our relationships with the personal/professional via fiction, poetry, and CNF”
Stone Circle Review @stonecirclerev “poetry journal” established 2023