Literary presses

Want to find great books to read? Or are you looking to submit your work to a publisher?

Here are the Twitter handles for small presses.

Also, the Twitter account @CallsOpen posts current calls for submissions.

Merdog Books @MerdogBooks
Birds of Lace @birdsoflace ‏
1913Press @1913Press ‏
Trembling Pillow @TremblingPillow ‏
co•im•press @coimpress ‏
Essay Press @EssayPress ‏
Awst Press @AwstPress ‏
Gold Wake Press @GoldWakePress
Wakefield Press @Wakefield_Press “Independent American publisher devoted to the translation of overlooked gems and literary oddities in small, affordable, yet elegant paperback editions.”‏‏
F(r)iction @FrictionSeries ‏
Les Figues Press @LesFigues ‏
futurepoem @futurepoem ‏
Guillemot Press @GuillemotPress ‏
the red ceilings press @theredceilings ‏
Stranger Press @strangerpress ‏
Blue Diode Press @DiodeBlue ‏
The Aleph @thealephpress ‏
Hesterglock | Prote(s)xt @H_G_Press ‏
Thirty West Publishing House @thirtywestph ‏
Penteract Press @PenteractPress ‏
Sutra Press @sutrapress ‏
River Glass Books @riverglassbooks ‏
Two Dollar Radio @TwoDollarRadio ‏
Curbside Splendor @CurbsidePress ‏
Artifice Books @artificemag
Dzanc Books @dzancbooks ‏
Honeysuckle Press @HSucklePress
Wood and Water Press @wood__and_water ‏
Dark House Press @DarkHousePress ‏
Kraken Press @KrakenPress ‏
Rose Metal Press @RoseMetalPress ‏
featherproof books @featherproof
The Cupboard Pamphlet @TCPBRD ‏
Cephalopress @cephalopress ‏
Sceptre Books @SceptreBooks ‏
Container @acontainerco ‏
Dialogue Books @dialoguebooks ‏
Shelterbelt Press @_shelterbelt_ ‏
Madhouse Press @madhouse_press ‏
Saturnalia.Books @SaturnaliaBooks
MadnessMusePress @MadnessMusePres ‏
Bad Books @badbookspress ‏
Maudlin House @MaudlinHouse ‏
Out-Spoken Press @Outspoken_Press ‏
Writ Large Press @writlarge ‏
Cemetery Dance @CemeteryDance ‏
Action Books @action__books ‏
Split Lip Press @splitlippress ‏
Be About It Press @baipress ‏
glo worm @glowormpress ‏
Metatron Press @metatronpress ‏
Pen and Anvil Press @penandanvil ‏
Giramondo Publishing @GiramondoBooks ‏
STORGY @morestorgy ‏
Unlit Press @UnlitPress ‏
CLASH Books @CLASHBooks ‏
Orbit Books @orbitbooks ‏
White Stag Publishing @WHITE_STAG_LIT ‏
Ghost City Press @GhostCityPress ‏
Tor Books @torbooks
Melville House @melvillehouse ‏
No Alibis Press @NoAlibisPress ‏
Reflex Press @reflexfiction ‏
Spilled Milk Lit @SpilledMilkLit ‏
Deadite Press @DeaditePress
Broken River Books @broken_river ‏‏
Porkbelly Press @porkbellypress ‏
Tyr Books @tyrbooks ‏
Akashic Books @AkashicBooks ‏
Polis Books @PolisBooks ‏
‏Perceval Press @PercevalPress “Perceval Press is an independent publisher specializing in art, critical writing, and poetry.”
Bull City Press @BullCityPress ‏
Shout Mouse Press @shoutmousepress ‏
Concord Free Press @ConcordFreePrs ‏
Hub City Press @HubCityPress ‏
Grey Matter Press @GreyMatterPress ‏
Fly on the Wall Poetry Press @fly_press ‏
Broken Sleep Books @brokensleep
Alternating Current Press @altcurrent ‏
Counterpoint Press @CounterpointLLC ‏
Soft Skull Press @softskull ‏
House of Vlad @HouseofVlad ‏
Alexander & Brook @AlexandBrook ‏
Carcanet Press @Carcanet ‏
Nine Arches Press @NineArchesPress ‏‏
BRITTLE PAPER @brittlepaper ‏
Storymoja Publishers @Storymoja ‏
Cassava Republic @CassavaRepublic ‏
Farafina Books @farafinabooks ‏
Tilted Axis @TiltedAxisPress ‏
Selcouth Station Press @SelcouthStation ‏
Bad Betty Press @badbettypress ‏
The Emma Press @TheEmmaPress ‏
Editor @BLERoom1 ‏
IDP @IndigoDreamsPub ‏
Wintersmith Press
@DgtlStoryteller ‏
Haymarket Books @haymarketbooks ‏
post ghost press @postghostpress ‏‏
Archipelago Books @archipelagobks ‏
Poached Hare Press @PoachedHare ‏
Big Lucks @Big_Lucks ‏
Angry Robot @angryrobotbooks ‏
Rebellion Publishing @RebellionPub ‏
Arcadia Books @ArcadiaBooks
Burning House Press @thearsonista ‏
New Vessel Press @NewVesselPress ‏
Asymptote Journal @asymptotejrnl ‏
‏Hedgehog Poetry @hedgehogpoetry ‏
The Hellebore Press @TheHellebore ‏
King Shot Press @kingshotpress ‏
Persea Books @PerseaBooks ‏
Alice James Books @AliceJamesBooks ‏
Four Way Books @FourWayBooks ‏
Luminous Press @MagazineFirefly ‏
YesYes Books @YesYesBooks ‏
Owl Canyon Press @owlcanyonpress ‏
Glass Poetry Press @glass_poetry ‏
Damaged Goods Press @DamGoodPress ‏
Open Letter Books @open_letter ‏
Inside the Castle @incastellated ‏
Sidekick Books @SidekickBooks ‏
Two Lines Press @TwoLinesPress ‏
New Directions @NewDirections ‏
Black Ocean @BlackOceanOrg ‏
Birds, LLC @Birdsllc ‏
Wave Books @WavePoetry ‏
Graywolf Press @GraywolfPress ‏
Copper Canyon Press @CopperCanyonPrs ‏
SundressPublications @SundressPub ‏
Empty Set Press @emptysetpress ‏
dancing girl press @dancinggrlpress ‏
TYRANT BOOKS @tyrantbooks ‏
Small Press Distr @spdbooks ‏
Nightboat Books @nightboatbooks ‏
Ugly Duckling Presse @udpbooks ‏
OctopusBooks @Octopus__Books ‏
Canarium Books @canariumbooks ‏
Fence / Fence Books @FenceBooks ‏
Litmus Press @LitmusPress ‏
Wisteria Press @PressWisteria ‏
Bone & Ink Press @boneninkpress ‏
Smithereens Press @SmithereensPres ‏
DAW Books @dawbooks ‏
Barren Press @Barren_Press ‏
Nightscape Press @NightscapePress
Gehenna & Hinnom @GehennaBooks ‏
Verve Poetry Press @VervePoetryPres ‏
Eudaimonia Press @LoveisL08414683 ‏
Athenian Press & Workshops @athenianpw
Burrow Press @BurrowPress ‏
Parvus Press @ParvusPress ‏
Folded Word @foldedword ‏
‏Orciny Press @OrcinyPres ‏
Between the Lines Publishing @btwnthelinespub
Heartspark Press @HeartsparkPress ‏
Dead Rabbits @DeadRabbitsBKS
Dead Mall Press @deadmallpress
Maverick Duck Press @MaverickDuck ‏
11:11 Press @1111Press ‏
Muzzleland Press @MuzzlelandPress ‏
Crab Orchard Series @COSPoetry ‏
Peirene Press @PeirenePress ‏
MacLehose Press @maclehosepress ‏
Pushkin Press @PushkinPress ‏
HarvillSecker @HarvillSecker ‏
Dead Ink @DeadInkBooks ‏
Dodo Ink @DodoInk ‏
Flarestack Poets @FlarestackPoets ‏
Influx Press @Influxpress ‏
Bluemoose Books @Ofmooseandmen ‏
Fitzcarraldo Editions @FitzcarraldoEds ‏
Galley Beggar Press @GalleyBeggars ‏
Comma Press @commapress ‏
Valley Press @valleypress ‏
The High Window @highwindowpress ‏
ARC PAIR PRESS @ArcPairPress ‏
gnOme @gnOmebooks ‏
Enitharmon @EnitharmonPress ‏
prototype (test centre) @prototypepubs
Brick Books @BrickBooks ‏
Nightwood Editions @NightwoodEd ‏
Talonbooks @Talonbooks ‏
Coach House Books @coachhousebooks ‏
Anvil Press @AnvilPress ‏
House of Anansi @HouseofAnansi ‏
Goose Lane Editions @goose_lane ‏
ECW Press @ecwpress ‏
Cormorant Books @cormorantbooks ‏
Groundwood Books @GroundwoodBooks ‏
Dundurn @dundurnpress ‏
Freehand Books @fhbooks ‏
TrepidatioPublishing @trepidatiopub ‏
Corpus Press @CorpusPress ‏
Vehicule Press @VehiculePress ‏
Insomniac Press @InsomniacPress ‏
NeWest Press @NeWestPress ‏
TouchWood Editions @TouchWoodEd ‏
ZenoPress @zeno_press ‏‏
Two Sylvias Press @twosylviaspress ‏
Eraserhead Press @EraserheadPress ‏
Greystone Books @greystonebooks ‏
Harbour Publishing @Harbour_Publish ‏
Caitlin Press @caitlinpress ‏
Douglas & McIntyre @DMPublishers ‏
Thistledown Press @ReadThistledown ‏
Ronsdale Press @ronsdalepress ‏
Quattro Books @QuattroBooks ‏
Chaudiere Books @ChaudiereBooks ‏
Guernica Editions @guernica_ed ‏
Book*hug Press @bookhugpress ‏
Invisible Publishing @invisibooks ‏
Wolsak & Wynn @wolsakandwynn ‏
Porcupine’s Quill @porcupinesquill
Street Light Press @streetlightpres
Nostrovia! Press @NostroviaPoetry ‏
Del Rey Books @DelReyBooks ‏
Ace Books @AceRocBooks ‏
Finishing Line Press @FLPress ‏
Leafe Press @LeafePress ‏
Tarpaulin Sky Press @TarpaulinSky ‏
Booklyn @BooklynArt ‏
Ahsahta Press @jhahsahta ‏ ‏
Barrow Street Press @BarrowStreetInc ‏
Apocalypse Party @apocpartypress ‏
Red Hen Press @RedHenPress ‏
Milkweed Editions @Milkweed_Books ‏
Coffee House PressV @Coffee_House_ ‏
Riverhead Books @riverheadbooks
Handersen Publishing @HandersenPub ‏
Moran Press @moranpress ‏
Screamin Skull Press @ScreaminSkullPr ‏
Harpoon Books @HarpoonBooks ‏
SubText Books @SubtextBooks ‏
Birchbark Books @birchbarkbooks ‏
Sirens Call @Sirens_Call ‏
Nick @ Flame Tree Press @flametreepress ‏
Handheld Press @KateHandheld ‏
Strangers Press @Strangers_Press ‏
Republic of Consciousness Prize @PrizeRofc ‏
Clare Songbirds Publishing House @ClareSongbirds ‏
Solar Luxuriance @SolarLuxuriance ‏
Guide Dog Books @GuideDogBooks ‏
Anti-Oedipus Press @AntiOedipusP ‏
StalkingHorse @StalkingHorsePr ‏
Dog Star Books @Dog_Star_Books ‏
Frog Hollow Press @FrogHollowPress ‏
Desert Pets Press @desertpetspress ‏
Rahila’s Ghost Press @rahilasghost‏
IceFloe Press @IcefloeP ‏
Necro Publications @necrobedlam ‏
Sibling Rivalry Press @SiblingRivPress ‏
Sarabande Books @sarabandebooks ‏‏
Tupelo Press @tupelopress ‏
Autonomous Press @AutPress ‏
Valancourt Books @Valancourt_B ‏
Aunt Lute Books @auntlute ‏
Nevermore Books @books_nevermore ‏ ‏
4th Estate Books @4thEstateBooks
New Rivers Press @NewRiversPress
Indigent Press @indigentpress
Chaparral Press @chaparral_press
Invisible Hand Press @invisiblehand_p
Foundlings Press @foundlingspress
word west @wordwestpress
The Lifted Brow @TheLiftedBrow
Upper Rubber Boot Books @upperrubberboot
MidsummerNightsPress @AMidsummerNight – poetry
Anhinga Press @Anhinga_Press – poetry
storm of blue press @stormxblue
Disorder Press @DisorderPress
MontrealReviewBooks @MtlReviewofBks
Long Shot @longshotbooks
Metonymy @MetonymyPress
NegativeCapabilityPress @PressNegative
WTAW Press @WTAWPress
Commune Editions @CommuneEditions
Snail Trail Press @SnailTrailPress
Papeachu Press @papeachu
afartherroom @afartherroom
Seiren @Seirenquarterly
On Loan From the Cosmos @onloancosmos
long con magazine @longconmag
Roaring Junior Press @roaringjr
Vermillion Ink Press @VermillionInk
Doubleback Press @DoublebackP
harry tankoos books @harrytankoos
Fathomsun Press @FathomsunPress [As of 2020, may delete its Twitter, but will be on Instagram]
Running Wild Press @RunWildBooks
Running Wild: RIZE @RizeRwp “great genre stories” “by BIPOC and LGBTQ+ writers”
Aqueduct Press @AqueductPress
Verbivoracious Press @Verbi_Press
Sagging Meniscus @saggingmeniscus
Burial Day @BurialDay
Bottlecap Press @BottlecapPress
Las Musas Books @LasMusasBooks
Analog Submission Press @analogsubpress
Frayed Edge Press @FrayedEdgePress
New Door Books @NewDoorBooks
Press 53 @Press53
Neon Hemlock Press @neonhemlock
Bristol Noir @NoirBristol
Fahrenheit Press @fahrenheitpress
Lithic Press @LithicPress
Horsethief Books @HorsethiefBooks
Alien Buddha Press @thealienbuddha
33 1/3 Books @333books
Sword & Kettle Press @swordandkettle
Corbel Stone Press @Corbel_Stone
Longbarrow Press @LongbarrowPress
Parthian Books @parthianbooks
Quercus Books @quercusbooks
Digging Press @DiggingPress
Lakeshore Literary @lakeshore_lit
Line Rider Press @lineriderpress
Inkshares @Inkshares
Weightless Books @WeightlessBooks
the sad bitch chronicles @sadbitchseries
Pilot Press @pilotpressldn
Maytree Press @MaytreePoetry
Luna Press Publishing @LunaPressGlobal
Mythic Delirium @mythicdelirium
Stelliform Press @StelliformPress
Lynx House Press @LynxHousePress
Greying Ghost @greyingghost
Slope Editions @SlopeEditions
Undertow Publications @UndertowPubs
novi press @novipress
InterstellarFlightPress @IntFlightPress
hippogryph | a ttrpg zine @LightsPress
Wandering Aengus Press @trailtotable1
Pallina Press @PallinaPress
Black Hare Press @BlackHarePress
tragickal @tragickalbooks
Masobe @masobebooks
Tolsun Books @TolsunBooks
Mirror Books @TheMirrorBooks
Parrésia Publishers @Parresiabooks
Ouida Books @OuidaBooks
Lazy Adventurer Publishing @lazyadv_pub
Skull + Wind Press @skullandwind
The Sunlight Press @Sunlight_Press
Unsolicited Press @UnsolicitedP
7.13 Books @713Books
Stillhouse Press @StillhousePress
Gazing Grain Press @GazingGrain “Inclusive feminist chapbook press from GMU MFA alumni.” (hasn’t tweeted since 2019)
Incline Press @GrahamMoss9
Gordon Hill Press @gordonhillpress
Affirm Press @AffirmPress
Cipher Press @CipherPress
Bloof Books @BloofBooks
Switchback Books @switchbackbooks
Tortoise Books @TortoiseBooks
Little Curlew Press @LCPress
Nightfire Books @TorNightfire
Tordotcom Publishing @TorDotComPub
Sweat Drenched Press @SweatPress (“experimental”)
Splintered Disorder Press @Splint_DPress “Ontario small press”
The Flame Tree Team @flametreetweet
Epoch Press @EpochPress
DefCon One Publishing @DefConOnePub
Black Letter Press @blcklttrprss
Bearded Badger Publishing Company @beardedbadgerpc
Pamenar Press @pamenarpress “independent, cross-cultural, multilingual, experimental publisher”
Entre Rios Books @EntreRiosBooks
Wild Pressed Books @Wildpressed
Ghost Proposal @GhostProposal (“post-genre journal & small press”)
SenecaReview @ReviewSeneca (“poetry, essays, and translations.”)
Power & Magic Press @powerandmagicpr (comics)
Coven Editions @coveneditions
Darkstroke @darkstrokedark
Meerkat Press @MeerkatPress
Northern Otter Press @NorthernOtterP
Brain Lair Books @brainlairbooks
grieveland @grieve_land
Crime Wave Press @crimewavepress
Hajar Press @hajarpress “independent political publishing house by and for people of colour”
Floodlight Editions @a_floodlight_ “Publisher of poetry chapbooks and digital anthologies”
Whispering Wick Chapbook Press @whisperingwick “An Ontario-based small chapbook press focusing on poetry and short fiction from emerging Canadian writers.”
Green Ink Poetry @GreenInkPoetry “Independent Digital Poetry Press”
Iskanchi Press & Mag @Iskanchipress “Publishing and Distributing African books in US & Canada”
TTA Press @TTApress “Publisher of Interzone, Black Static, Crimewave, TTA Novellas and other things”
steel incisors @steelincisors “visual poetry with teeth”
Artemisia’s Axe & The Corpse’s Tongue @ArtemisiaAxe “an inclusive, queer run, horror micro press”

From Beyond Press @frombeyondpress “New independent publishing company specializing in horror, sci-fi, and reprints. A project of It Came from Beyond Pulp.” Ed/Pub/tweets: Mike Phillips (he/him).”
CHEERIO Publishing @CHEERIOPublish “an eclectic new imprint and media company launched in association with The Estate of Francis Bacon. Here to intrigue, disturb and thrill.”
Cast Iron Books @castironbooks “New independent publisher of graphic novels, illustrated books and experimental fiction.”
Death’s Head Press @deathsheadpress “will provide the world with quality dark fiction anthologies, novels, and collections” @PressSans “a new literary publisher based in Limerick, Ireland’
Cardigan Press @PressCardigan “Small press debuting with an anthology”
WeirdpunkBooks @WeirdpunkBooks “a DIY publisher of weird horror and the grotesque since 2015. Splatterpunk Awards nominated.”
fruitbatpress @fruitbatpress “a handmade, limited edition chapbook press that is co-based in Chicago and Los Angeles.”
Backlash Press @BacklashPress “An independent publishing house dedicated to releasing work that narrates a contemplated resistance to obedience and trends.”
Feminist Press @FeministPress “Creating a world where everyone recognizes themselves in a book.”
Microcosm Publishing @Microcosmmm
GurtDogPress @GurtDogPress “publishing books for Queer readers of Speculative Fiction that don’t focus on the Romance genre as the sole vehicle for promoting LGBTQ identities”
GameOverBooks @GameOverBooks “a new small publisher located near Boston”
small leaf press @smallleafpress “an indie publisher and magazine established to give undiscovered writers a chance”
Grindhouse Press @GrindhousePress “a small press specializing in horror, extreme horror, transgressive fiction, sleaze, and all things weird and dark”
Timber Ghost Press @press_ghost
Brigids Gate Press @BrigidsGate
Propeller Books @propellerbooks
gateway literary press @gatewayliterar1 “collections of magic realist short fiction”
Down & Out Books @DownAndOutBooks
Deadset Press @DeadsetP “Australian and Kiwi speculative fiction authors”
Gob Pile Press, est. 2021, SE Ohio @gobpilepress “This press will focus on shorter books of poems and stories concerning an idea of place.”
Bamboo Dart Press @bamboodart “a collaborative marriage of Pelekinesis and Shrimper Records”
Slate Roof Press @slateroofpress
Woodhall Press “committed to publishing diverse voices and welcomes submissions from female and under-represented writers.”
Blue Ear Books @blueearbooks “selected new and reprinted nonfiction books of global topical or cultural interest”
Perth Underground Press @PUPr3ss “emerging writers from Western Australia and beyond by facilitating debut chapbooks, and art that challenges hegemonic norms, narratives and styles”
Wyldblood Press @WyldbloodPress “speculative and literary fiction”
Rick Riordan Presents @rickriordan MG authors “from underrepresented cultures and backgrounds, to let them tell their own stories inspired by the mythology and folklore of their own heritage”
Sugarlump Publishing @SugarlumpBooks
Kallisto Gaia Press @PressGaia
Propriometrics Press @PropriometricsP
PM Press @PMPressOrg
Wet Cement Press @CementWet “A collective of writers. We publish small hand held books of #fiction, #poetry and hybrid genius. New mag too!’
The Blasted Tree @theblastedtree
Nictitating Books @NictitatingB
Velox Books @VeloxBooks “innovative and exciting fiction with a focus on creepy and intriguing short stories”
Wraithmarked Creative @Wraithmarked “SF/F”
Zaffre Books @ZaffreBooks “bestselling fiction of all genres and non-fiction”
Baseline Press @baselinepress “small press publisher”
Anstruther Press @anstrutherpress “Toronto based chapbook and broadside press.”
Scriptor Press @ScriptorP “Scriptor Press is “an independent press founded in 1995 in Cambridge, Massachusetts”