Reading lists

I use Amazon’s “Idea Lists” to group books that seem related. If you’re interested in finding a book on one of these topics, check out the titles I’ve saved to that topic. Some of these books I’ve already read, while others are books I’m curious about.

While arguments could be made that any given book belongs on multiple lists, I choose to put each book on only one list. This means you won’t see redundancies when you browse multiple lists.

Some of the list topics could blend into each other, as I’ve shown below.

Poems & Stories
History and culture & Biography and memoir
Literary appreciation and criticism & the craft of Writing
Democracy and power might lead to an interest in Capitalism or War and collapse
Ethics and other human behaviors is my most “favorited” list! For a more specific approach, try Forgotten virtues.
Activism & Dialogue
Mistakes can lead you in a couple directions. A happy accident might lead you to feel Creativity and mindfulness, but intentional falsehoods are more about Disinformation, post-truth, fake news, lies.
Technology and science
Spirituality & Atheism
Basic questions about Consciousness lead to questions about Knowledge, feeling, and thinking and then to questions of who we want to be, which brings us to Coaching, advice, inspiration, and self-development.
If you want to obsess about one random topic: Focus on just one thing
If you can handle it: Weird

Do you have a book recommendation for me? Contact me.