The train is on the move.

“Readers should prepare to have their perceptions blown…on a journey unlike anything else.”

In the Roaring Twenties, Edward Cumming might have become a railroad businessman, but he was more interested in literature. During the Depression, he tried to write a book about historical castrations. At thirty-nine, he died by suicide.

What went wrong for him? A lack of focus? A problem of fate? The number forty? Or was his book haunted?

In this train ride of an American biography, Tucker Lieberman tells the story of the would-be scholar of eunuchs. It is an essay about war, racism, gender, time, mortality, free will, money, argument, information architecture, and why a writer might not finish a book.

A hypno-saga…experimental, tender, angry, freighted.


You can hear the author:
* read an excerpt at The Next Best Book Blog (5 min, MP3)
* read a different excerpt as part of Performance Anxiety’s March 2020 reading (YouTube)
* perform for LockdownLit (1 min, Instagram video)
* converse with other authors on “Let’s Talk Books With Christina,” sponsored by New York Writers Workshop – May 20, 2020 (1 hour, Facebook video)
* speak on Without Books – September 22, 2020 (3 min, podcast)
* talk about the travel that was involved for research (2 min, LinkedIn video)

You can read:
* the entire introduction for free online! Find it on Medium, press Glose’s “Start reading now” button, or use Kindle’s “Look inside” feature.
* an interview with the author on Indie Reader


The eBook is available for Kobo (Indigo, or directly in the Kobo store), Nook (Barnes and Noble), Kindle (Amazon), Apple Books, Glose, and as an ePub (Bertrand, Bol, Booktopia, Cloudreadingbooks, and Weltbild).

You can get the paperback through The Booksmith in San Francisco, a beautiful independent bookstore that will appreciate your support, as part of their LockdownLit feature. Please also consider these independent booksellers: Island Books in Rhode Island; BookPeople in Austin, Texas; Powell’s in Portland, Oregon; or Bookshop, which raises money for local bookstores. The paperback is also available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and Waterstones.

  • Please note that these stores generally do not have copies in stock. The paperback is print-on-demand, and the printer and the U.S. mail are facing challenges “these days” in 2020 and beyond. But go ahead and place your order. The mail will come eventually, just as it did a hundred years ago. Please be patient—the train is on the move.

You can request the paperback from your local independent bookstore or library! Ask for Ten Past Noon by Tucker Lieberman, ISBN 978-1-7329060-4-4, distributed by IngramSpark.

Ten Past Noon: Focus and Fate at Forty by Tucker Lieberman

Ten Past Noon

Focus and Fate at Forty

IndieReader seal of approval

Author: Tucker Lieberman
Publisher: Glyph Torrent, February 2020
480 pages
ISBN 978-1-7329060-4-4 Paperback
ISBN 978-1-7329060-5-1 eBook

About the Author

Tucker Lieberman

Haunted by his acquaintance with the late author of Eunuchry, Tucker Lieberman wrote the ghost story “Exit Interview” for DefCon One’s “imaginary friends” fiction anthology, I Didn’t Break the Lamp. His recent books include Painting Dragons: What Storytellers Need to Know About Writing Eunuch Villains and Bad Fire: A Memoir of Disruption.

At Brown University, he received the Casey Shearer Memorial Award for Creative Nonfiction and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. He earned a postgraduate degree in journalism from Boston University.

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, he lives with the science fiction writer Arturo Serrano in Bogotá, Colombia. He is turning forty.