Recommended podcast episode: How your personality type drives your creative process

Lauren Sapala never liked planning her writing projects. Then she learned about personality theory and began to understand why. Now she’s a writing coach. Now she’s on Episode 7 of the “Art Stuff” podcast, “Creativity For Introverts & Empaths INFJ & INFP Personality Types,” interviewed by Jessica Johannesen.

INFJs tend to make clear, firm decisions based on other people’s feelings and then are able to move on. They have single-minded focus on a project they want to pursue intensely.

By contrast, INFPs may take extra time to make decisions based on their own feelings and, after deciding, may need to “backpedal” based on how they feel about the decision “in their body.” They need to spread their creative attention between multiple simultaneous projects. Because of this, they may have more difficulty serving a linearly product-driven model in a corporate environment.

Both processes are valid. It’s also normal to need unstructured time to allow unexpected ideas to surface and to feel grief when a creative project ends.

Whether we are content with our own processes may depend on whether we have a deep-seated belief about the need to hide the way we really think and to change ourselves to fit a different model. Self-doubt will always come in waves, like all other emotions, but, if you’re familiar and comfortable with your personality type and creative style, you may be better able to predict and handle your moments of self-doubt.

Listen to this podcast; it’s an enlightening conversation!

Sapala is the author of The INFJ Writer, a guide for sensitive intuitive writers, and Firefly Magic: Heart Powered Marketing for Highly Sensitive Writers.

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